meet-the-mascots-contest-squareHave you ever thought about doing voice-over work for cartoons?  What if you were able to not only add your voice, but also your character-likeness?  “Meet the Mascots” is the new cartoon series being produced in Seattle, Washington and set to debut in 2017, and this is your chance to make a starring appearance!

No Experience Needed!

Creator David Toledo is giving fans the chance to win a “walk-on” role in an upcoming episode of the cartoon-animation series “Meet the Mascots”.

Every Saturday between November 12th – December 17th, 2016 Meet the Mascots is offering fans the opportunity to appear in an episode as their own custom cartoon character; complete with that fan’s own voice.

Meet the Mascots will create a unique character based on the winning contestants likeness based on photo’s provided by the winner.

First step; watch the video!  The pilot episode of Meet the Mascots is available for viewing on YouTube and VIMEO.


1. The pilot episode of Meet the Mascots is available for viewing on YouTube and VIMEO.  (Video links are at the bottom of this page!)

2.  Email with CONTEST in the subject line.

3.  Answer the following questions in the body of the email;

a)  Why is Ribbie (the Moose) upset with Jelly (the Monkey) at the beginning of the show?

b)  What does Richie (the Bird) tell Blitz (the Dog) he smells like?

c)  What political figure does Jelly meet at the audition?

d)  What is the name of the band holding auditions?

4.  Include your name, age, city, email, and phone number.

* Drawings will be held every Saturday between November 12th and December 17th.  Winners will be notified by email. Please only enter once from your email.  All entries will remain in the pool for the duration of the contest.

** Winners do not receive any monetary compensation for their participation in this project; neither the contest, the cartoon, nor for providing their voices for the cartoon.

*** Winners must complete and return the Appearance Authorization Release form.





**** Winners under 18 years of age must have parent/guardian permission to participate.



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Meet the Author


David Toledo is the Creator, Writer, Illustrator, and Animator of “Meet the Mascots” and also voiced multiple characters who appear in the Pilot Episode including the (4) Leads.

David was raised in Seattle, Washington and gained some notoriety during his high school years as one of Seattle’s more proliferate and innovative aerosol artists; with iconic murals at several high schools and parks between 1985-1987.

More recently David and his daughter received some notoriety when their Daddy/Daughter “Dance-Off” received 150K+ views.

David is currently the Program Director for the Unified Outreach Non-Profit Youth Arts Program in West Seattle, which he helped found in 1998; where he is active in overseeing youth arts programs, working with low-income, at-risk, special needs, and under-served youth, using both traditional and contemporary arts to build a bridge across racial, cultural and economic barriers.

It was David’s engagement of Mayor McGinn at various 2011 town halls in Seattle that lead to the development of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture “Work-Readiness in the Arts” program; and the programming designed by David and his team at Unified Outreach consistently set the bar for work readiness (in the arts) programs in Seattle. David is actively involved in community programming and outreach; race & social justice issues, and youth advocacy; employing arts as a tool of communication and empowerment.

david-toledo-seattle-city-council-meet-the-beatlesDavid Toledo is a published author, illustrator, and playwright; as well as an established musician and vocalist with the distinction of being one of the first hip hop artist’s with a LP distributed in the Seattle area pre 1994.

Additionally, David is a life-long Seattle resident who has lived in every neighborhood of Seattle; working with and being a voice for underserved communities for over 20 years. David has organized and been a strong partner for community programming in the arts, education, and community outreach programs with Unified Outreach, Roots Shelter, The Mitchell House, Chicken Soup Brigade, West Seattle Christian Church, Adobe Youth Voices, Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative, Garfield Advisory Council, 206 Zulu, YMCA, Seattle Housing Authority, and more. Additionally, David considers himself and evangelical Christian and is active in his local church.

Find out more about David Toledo at